Orchestration, Workflow, Business Process, Collaxa

With the release of BPEL4WS spec written by Microsoft, IBM, and BEA, web service orchestration has turned a major corner.  With W3C and OASIS at odds and web application companies like Siebel, PeopleSoft, SAP, and Oracle not yet committed, I suspect that web service orchestration market will remain a battlefield for at least another year despite all the hypes.

One seemingly vain yet important issue is the lack of a name everyone can agree on and hype about.  Whether its called orchestration, workflow, business process management, or choreography, lets just pick one and stick with it.  Obviously, no single faction among the competitors can dictate this, so the media must play its hand.  Meanwhile I'll call it Web Service Workflow or WSW for short.

Only ready-for-deployment implementation of WSW I know of is Collaxa's WSOS.  Collaxa is not only the first to market, they have shown amazing agility.  For example, I mentioned XDoclet syntax to Doron Sherman, Collaxa CTO, as a way to avoid extending Java with orchestration specific keywords.  A few weeks later, it was done, documented, and downloadable!  Now they are working hard on adding BPEL support.  If you need a WSW solution now and want to avoid the danger of choosing the loser of WSW standards war, you can't do better than Collaxa because, no matter which of proposed standards wins, I am sure Collaxa will support it.