is interesting and Quamranet
is making smart moves
but I think what Qumranet might be doing with it may be more interesting. According to the News.com article, less than a dozen out of their 30 or so engineers are working on KVM so what could the rest be working on? My guess is on building a secure bedrock for desktop OS, specifically Vista, capable of securing PCs without drowning users with endless confirmation dialogs by monitoring software activities as well as that of the users then taking smart actions with optional external security policy service, a very ambitious yet rewarding goal although the idea of running Vista on top of KVM-enabled Linux is rather amusing.

Busy Flashar

Just in case you are wondering, I am busy hacking something together in Flash. Actually, most of the time is going into learning what isn't possible with Flex 2 and Flash 9 Player (46.4399093 milliseconds, WTF?) and slipping into DSP and VST worlds every other hour but it's fun playing with something that you can see and hear moving and screaming every five minutes. Call it Fun-Driven Development (FDT).

Using Flex 2 SDK Flash Debugger

Just some bits of useful info I found while experimenting with sound in Flash9/Flex2/AS3.

To use command-line debugger in Flex 2 SDK to debug flash movie running in a web page, type:

$ ./fdb
(fdb) file http://{domain}:{port}/path/to/page.html
(fdb) run
(fdb) continue  

'run' command will launch the default browser and open a window/tab to display the page but halt the embedded movie until 'continue' command is entered. You'll probably want to setup break points before continuing. Note that 'file' command can point to files as well for debugging Flex 2-based applications.
To use fdb from Eclipse, create an External Tool pointing to fdb.
To dump object content, append a period after the name.
To quit, just type quit.

Identicon Bugfix/Polish

Some display bugs (uses non-zero winding rule everywhere now) squashed. Server-side identicon renderer now matches canvas-based renderer in graphics quality. While unintentional (can't complain ;-p), performance has improved and uses less resources as well.
Updated source code is here (version 0.5).

Wiikday Gaming

I've been playing Wii Sports and Legend of Zelda past few days. What do I think of Wii? Well, it's so good that all desires for XBox 360 and PS3 are flushed out of my system and my WoW withdrawl symtoms are more manageable (but then how would I resist if WoW ran on Wii?). Monday night, my wife and I played 3 rounds of golf, til midnight, and it really did feel like playing real golf (minus the walking, of course). Waking up with sore Wii-muscle is a bit weird (I want motion-sensing foot straps so I can jog and kick in Wii games :-p) but no one should miss experiencing first-hand the first of the true next generation game platform.

Kevin Marks at Google

When Kevin and I talked at Wikithon, he told me he was changing job but not where. Then we talked about opportunities Technorati missed and mistakes it made. When he agreed that Google's blog search service was getting really good, I was a bit surprised but now it makes sense in hindsight.
Google's service updates faster, is more reliable, and has less spam and echo. And while it doesn't offer the URL-based search functionality, Google's service meets most users' needs IMHO. Now, with Kevin's help, Google's blog search will just get better which is bad news for David Sifry. But then it's always too early to count David out. He is creative and energetic so I am sure Technorati will make some innoavtive moves soon to get them out of the tight spot.
Anyway, congratz to Kevin and a cheer for David.
It's interesting that this post made Techmeme but not the identicon post which was massively linked, even across language barriers. Maybe Gabe's algorithm catches ranks inner circle chatter but not real memes. Maybe the whole point was to turn top crust murmurs into memes…

N. Korean Nuclear Disarmament Deal

Despite the news of the agreement, it's only an agreement to stop and list in return for oil. I remain highly doubtful that North Korea will, in the end, give up its nuclear weapons program and dismantle the bombs they've already built. This deal bought them time and resource as well as keeping China happy by laying low until 2008 Beijing Olympic is over. In other words, this deal is payola for temporary peace.