Granting H-1B by Public Review

I think granting H-1B visa by public review might be more effective than the way it's done now. The idea is to let any U.S. citizen participate in to the selection process. One way to do that is, with H-1B application and applicant submitted resume available online, give N opinion points for each volunteer to express positive or negative opinion on N applicants. Authentication can be done with the same way electronic tax filing is done.
There is lots of room for abuse but, conceptually, I like this idea.

Mad Cow Disease Hysteria in Korea

Hysteria over mad cow disease is reaching boiling point in South Korea (photos of candle vigil), triggered by recent pre-FTA concession by South Korean President Lee to remove ban against US beef and boosted by a timely sensational episode on PD Notebook, a Korean version of 60-minutes.
Regardless of all the arguments for or against US beef export to Korea, I find it interesting that people are desensitized to countless deaths-by-car yet hysterical over the possibility of death-by-food. And it's ironic that Korean automakers stand to gain significantly from the US-Korea FTA if it goes through.