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New Economic Solution: Whining

I was wondering how Paulson throwing money at banks would unfreeze the credit market. Looks like the answer is whine until bankers can’t stand it anymore. Ridiculous. What’s next? Accuse banks of being anti-American unless they lend? IMHO, it makes … Continue reading

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Looking for the Bottom

Despite the long (well, sure felt long) decline and bounces, I am still all cash. Throughout the rollercoaster ride, there were many luring moment but none felt true because I don’t think it’s the bottom when people are still joking … Continue reading

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Media Bias Against McCain, Palin?

While I am solidly in Obama/Biden camp and see McCain/Palin’s recent attacks against Obama as disturbing trendwise, I am also disturbed by apparent general bias in the media against McCain and Palin. It’s not unlike tech media’s obsession with anything … Continue reading

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