Media Bias Against McCain, Palin?

While I am solidly in Obama/Biden camp and see McCain/Palin’s recent attacks against Obama as disturbing trendwise, I am also disturbed by apparent general bias in the media against McCain and Palin. It’s not unlike tech media’s obsession with anything Apple makes.

What I am not sure about is whether the bias is in the selection of news media I consume or not. If yes, I should balance my news diet, consuming more from the ‘otherside’. If not, it’s amazing that Obama has only 5 percent lead over McCain. Either way, it’s annoying that objectivity in news is being decentralized to news consumers.

2 thoughts on “Media Bias Against McCain, Palin?

  1. By almost any measure, the bias has been getting more and more extreme.

    Even though in radio it is all “right wing”, in news channels (CNN, etc) it’s very left wing, and even in print media in is left wing. Then you get to the Internet and it strangely steps pretty far away from left or right, mostly putting the onus of low approval on the left and right – or more appropriately the Republicans and Democrats.

    I’m of the later camp, as I’ve stopped watching TV news, reading the newspaper, and listening to the radio. I’m all Internet all the time now. Which means most of what I read is exactly what you’ve written, very middle of the road or extreme middle of the road – often a large Libertarian presence follows too.

    …all so strange really.

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