Obama! Wow!

Acceptance speech by Obama was simply the best I’ve witnessed live and at par with John F. Kennedy’s Ask-Not speech emotionally. Wow. He wobbled a bit after opening whomp but, boy, he piled it on and on. So good that he brought tears to people’s eyes, the good kind.

Media Bias Against McCain, Palin?

While I am solidly in Obama/Biden camp and see McCain/Palin’s recent attacks against Obama as disturbing trendwise, I am also disturbed by apparent general bias in the media against McCain and Palin. It’s not unlike tech media’s obsession with anything Apple makes.

What I am not sure about is whether the bias is in the selection of news media I consume or not. If yes, I should balance my news diet, consuming more from the ‘otherside’. If not, it’s amazing that Obama has only 5 percent lead over McCain. Either way, it’s annoying that objectivity in news is being decentralized to news consumers.