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Test post using WordPress app

Post title width is constrained for reasons I don’t understand but app itself feels good. Oboy. Restarting this blog is much harder than expected.

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Test post from Fargo

This is a test post from Dave Winer’s Fargo. How to do this is documented here

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On KISSmetrics

I think Hiten Shah, CEO of KISSmetrics, is too distracted with recent lawsuits to understand the mistake his company made: not looking out for their customers. Legality of using ETag for tracking or reusing same ETag hash across domains is … Continue reading

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Cinemetrics is a promising example of Identicon IMO. Similar efforts have been made audio clips. Cinemetrics aims to create a visual “fingerprint” for film using the editing structure, color, speech and motion. Design challenge in generating interesting ‘fingerprint’ depends largely on the … Continue reading

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Identicon and Robohash

This post is a dump [for archival purpose] of exchange between Colin Davis, creator of Robohash, and I that took place in context of a Hacker News about Robohash. Colin: Identicons are a great idea, I really love them.. They’re … Continue reading

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What is Identicon?

Word identify has two meaning: Establish or indicate who or what (someone or something) is. Recognize or distinguish. I chose the name Identicon with second meaning in mind to convey that Identicons’ intended applications are in helping users recognize or … Continue reading

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Identicon and QR Code

I was recently asked to provide some information on identicons, a good excuse to restart blogging. This post, more like notes actually, compares Identicon to QR code which may seem similar visually but are not. WARNING: I think in random … Continue reading

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