Privacy, Decency, Creativity, Delusions

A Canadian judge ruled that sharing copyright works over P2P networks is legal in Canada.  His justifications make sense individually, but I am dismayed by the hillarity of the sum.  The judge wrote:

"The mere fact of placing a copy on a shared directory in a computer where that copy can be accessed via a P2P service does not amount to distribution.  Before it constitutes distribution, there must be a positive act by the owner of the shared directory, such as sending out the copies or advertising that they are available for copying."

which reads to me like:

"The mere fact of placing a switchblade inches from a person and holding out a hand in a dark alley does not amount to robbery.  Before it constitutes robbery, there must be either an injury or loss of property."

When I first played MUD games, I was having fun until I got PKed.  I was angry and confused so I made efforts to understand the PKers.  Their answer was that they didn't really kill me because a MUD character is not a person.  To them, killing a MUD character is no different from killing a monster in video games.  No one got hurt so what are you bitching about?

In Korea, there are millions of credit card abusers who ended up with inevitable mountain of debts.  Every five minutes, someone in Korea attempts suicide.  Every 45 minutes, someone succeeds.  Korean government is trying to help them with a new program that will restore their bad credit rating if they make some efforts to payback some of the money they owe to banks and credit card companies.

Unfortunately, the program is encouraging corrosion of decency and sense of financial responsibility in Korean.  Not only are people refusing to pay back, some of them are even asking for banks to return of the money they already paid.  They are also using the Internet to share information about ways to avoid paying back.  One way is to incite collectors into making verbal abuses and using recorded evidence to threaten the collectors.

Putting aside all the arguments and circumstances, I can't shake the feeling that we are losing something important.  Where the fuck are we going?  I have no answer, but I am certain that people who believe good arguments make better worlds don't know either.  Their visions are not a map of reality but a map one might find in a Fantasy novel.


p dir=”ltr”>Remember that movie with Tom Hanks where a kid, obsessed with D&D, ended up at the top of the World Trade Center thinking it was the Two Towers from Lord of the Ring?  How did you feel while watching the movie?  Well, that's how I feel as I watch the events unfold while sandwiched between assholes and dreamers.