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Transcultural Funk

Here is Natalie, a cute non-Korean girl (as far as I can tell ;-)) based in LA, singing a popular song by K-POP group Wonder Girls: and idol-mob girl group SNSD’s song: Being a cultural mutt, I enjoy this sort … Continue reading

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OpenID Middlemans

Apparently the invite-only OpenID meetup at Facebook took place tonight. The fact that it was held at Facebook points to a shift taking place in the OpenID world. What’s coming is obvious: somehow retrofit Facebook Connect into OpenID architecture. Repeat … Continue reading

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Micropayments and News

Is micropayment what the ailing news industry needs? Will it save New York Times? Like Clay Shirky, I have my doubts about micropayments, particularly from usability perspective. Micropayment UI can get as bad as Vista UAC, endless parade of buy … Continue reading

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Merb Herbs

Just a couple of crumbs from my brush with Merb tonight: dependencies.rb After merb-gen app, edit config/dependencies.rb to fix version numbers of dm_gems_version and do_gems_version gems used by the generated app. To find out what which version you have, type … Continue reading

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Sex and Status: Twitter and Facebook

For the past six months, I’ve been thinking about sex. Not the sweaty kind, you perv — wink wink, nudge nudge — but about perspective differences between sexes and what that means to the Web at large. I am drawn … Continue reading

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Young Star Rising

Ice skating is a sport where high spirit and confidence impacts the outcome greatly. I don’t usually watch ice skating performance because inspiring perfection is rare and heartbreaking mistakes are too common to make fine entertainment. But I watch Kim … Continue reading

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