Transcultural Funk

Here is Natalie, a cute non-Korean girl (as far as I can tell ;-)) based in LA, singing a popular song by K-POP group Wonder Girls:

and idol-mob girl group SNSD’s song:

Being a cultural mutt, I enjoy this sort of cultural mash thingy. She looks and sings great. It would be cool to see her make it big time in South Korea, hopefully short of turning things into a circus as usual.

2 thoughts on “Transcultural Funk

  1. Yeah, she’s even visited Seoul to appear on a SBS’ talent show about a month ago. Understandably, her Youtube video has been a talk of the town for a while here.

    You will need to take her stunt with a grain of salt though–there are far too many viral marketing memes out there. She might have been one of the carefully orchestrated memes to impress Wondergirls fan in Korea. Look at the professional-caliber microphone she is singing into.

    Sorry if I sound like an overly suspicious type but it is just my guess.

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