Year End Rituals

My year end rituals is work.  I worked 18 hours on Thanksgiving Day and 21 hours the day after to meet a deadline.  Same thing happened year after year, for the past 20 years.  November and December are my nightmare months.  At 40 years young, this ain't good.

Busy Signal

I haven't updated my blog in a while now.  Primarily, I have been busy.  For the past few days, for example, I have been working on an Adobe Acrobat plug-in for a client.  Its basically allows you to digitally sign Acrobat documents.  Digital signature part is no brainer, but Acrobat SDK is a beautiful nightmare.

1936 Berlin Olympic Marathon Winner Son, Gi-Jung

Mr. Son is well known to all Koreans for winning the 1936 Berlin Olympic Marathon, the one where Joe Louis bombed Max Schmeling.  Mr. Son ran wearing the Japanese flag because Korea was occupied by Japan at that time.  For Koreans, the event was a great sign of hope that is still cherished.  Interestingly enough, Korean newspapers ran his photo with Japanese flag removed from his uniform.  I am sure that took some balls.  Mr. Son died Friday at 90 years old.

Scott on SAML

"Scott" thinks out loud about SAML and its relevance to Google Federation and Weblog World.  He even throws in a pretty diagram.  My thoughts on SAML is still baking.  I doubt I'll have anything really brilliant to say until I am either stuck inside it at least knee deep high.  I am hoping it happens before 2002 is over.

Best Part of Radio

What I like the most about Radio is that Radio is dynamically updateble and extensible.  As "Dave" and UserLand staff evolve Radio day by day, my version walks in step.  Radio third party software developers have also started to do the same.  For example, Marc Barrot's activeRender tool, used here, is updated each time I fire up Radio.  Both Microsoft and Sun has a lot to learn from Radio.  Only if Java and .NET had similar capabilities…

Zero-Install Extensible Client Platforms

The Net needs zero-install extensible client platforms.  Java WebStart and .NET meets some of the needs, but both require the user to install 6 to 20 megabytes of mostly unused code and lacks the ability to incrementally update and extend the platform.  The same applies to Flash.  Unless the platform itself can be updated and extended incrementally, its not zero-install in my opinion.

Money in Motion

Korean word for money is same as my first name, Don.  It means turning or circulation.  If money doesn't circulate, you end up with what has been going around in Japan for the past ten years and the US for the past two years.  Current trend toward free software and open source encourages circulation of goods and discourages circulation of money.