Merb Herbs

Just a couple of crumbs from my brush with Merb tonight:


After merb-gen app, edit config/dependencies.rb to fix version numbers of dm_gems_version and do_gems_version gems used by the generated app. To find out what which version you have, type

gem list {gem-name}.

Missing some MySQL dylib on OS X

When I got some errors like “dyld: NSLinkModule() error “, probably after doing sudo gem install do_mysql for reasons I can’t recall, I fixed it with this:

sudo mkdir /usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql
cd /usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql
sudo ln -s /usr/local/mysql/lib/*.dylib .

I’ll add to this post over time as more crumbs fall. Note that I am not a Merb, Rails, nor Ruby guy. I am not a guru in anything but everything which means exactly nothing. Yes, I am trying to confuse you. ;-p