Looking for the Bottom

Despite the long (well, sure felt long) decline and bounces, I am still all cash. Throughout the rollercoaster ride, there were many luring moment but none felt true because I don’t think it’s the bottom when people are still joking and ranting about the market. To me, it’s bottom when no one wants to talk about the market.

When? I think the start of the last leg of the journey is about to start. It’s kind of funny that, while people know what’s happening now is a global crisis, many don’t fully realize what that really means. Imagine what would happen when practically every aspect of world economy shrinks by 1/3. That’s what’s happening now in the stock markets which is, in essence, the mirror reflection of the business world.

The bottom will be where the reflection meets reality because people won’t be crying wolf anymore when it’s sitting right in front of them, drooling.

3 thoughts on “Looking for the Bottom

  1. Yeah, I saw your dodging moves. Heh. My time to dance with knives is not far away but it’s difficult to let go of worry-free Zzzzs. 😉

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