After blogging for 7 years using my own blogging software, I’ve decided to move to WordPress platform. Why didn’t I set up my own WordPress server? Not enough time to install as well as track upgrades and patches. Old posts and comments will take some time to appear, probably not until the year-end holiday season. Identicons will also return…eventually.

Anyway, welcome to my new blog!

11 thoughts on “Restart

  1. First!

    Congrats, 형, on the move. What’s the digital equivalent of a 집들이? Can I send you digital rolls of toilet paper?

  2. Good luck with the new blog Don, I’ve re-subscribed.

    I made the exact same move for the exact same reasons. I came to realise that Automattic have done such a damn fine job with that I just couldn’t justify the time spent on my own WordPress install TRYING to make it half as good.

    At the end of the day, I realised I’d rather spend the time writing in my blog than setting it up/maintaining/upgrading it.

  3. is there a way to get some of the blogentries from the “old” blog u had a few good things posted arent avaibale somewhere else.


  4. Hey Don. Long time. I really liked your domain. Instead of redirecting from to, you may want to consider using your own domain with’s Domain Mapping capability. This gives you the best of both worlds, your own domain and outsourcing to

  5. Hi John. Yeah, I should use and it wouldn’t take no more than a minute to set it up but, well, I am lazy. 🙂 Anyway, your reminder made me switch over just now. Thx.

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