A rather alarming new trend in the blogosphere is role-blogging: blogging in characters other than yourself.

If you find vampires fascinating, you can start a blog as a vampire, posting stories a real vampire might post. Others who are into vampires subscribe to your feed and post comment as fellow vampires. Eventually a community of pretend-vampires emerges.

Hard to believe? Recently, a Korean teenage girl was arrested for stabbing a man because she was afraid the man might report her and her friends to the police after he saw them doing something suspicious with a syringe. She and her friends, whom she met through her vampire blog, were tasting each other's blood drawn with the syringe.

I have no idea why she thought stabbing the man might encourage him not to report her, but I think using a blog as a way to experience another life is something to take notice. It's like using the Net as your closet.