Rowdy Piper’s Korean Howdy

Marc seems to be having a great time visiting Korea.  Yum, I just love that pickled raw-crab.  It's called gaejang (gae = crab, jang = pickled?).  There are several varieties but I only eat the kind that's pickled in hot red pepper.  Raw-crab pickled in soy sauce (gan-gaejang) is supposed to be as addictive as cigarette though.  Gan means soy sauce…I think.

Marc's picture of the Blue House (equivalent of White House) brings back memories.  I spent most of my childhood living in a house on the mountain (Yinwang-san) to the west of the Blue House.  My father built a row of three houses in the middle of that mountain in such a way that the houses could be seen clearly from the Blue House like as clearly as a middlefinger.

After being jailed so often by the dead dictator of the same last name, it's understandable.  The area behind our house  up the hill was a panja-chon (shabbily built houses) for the poor.  When I visited the place in 1988, that area was bulldozed and walled off.  Apparently the dictator who followed the dead one wanted to improve his view from the Blue House.

Marc, please fix your comment facility.  Typekey is annoying to use and it seems to be broken at the moment.