Innocent Love of a Dancer

Dancer of Sunjung (sungung means innocent love in Korean) is a Korean movie currently in production which I am looking very forward to.  It's a story about a young dancer from Yanbian competing in a Korean ballroom dance contest and finding love.  I hope it's as enjoyable as the original version of Shall We Dance was.

Goonyoung Moon, the young leading actress with a thousand cute faces, is one of my favorite Korean actresses.  I think she has the right stuff to become a world famous actress.  Here is one of the thousand that makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Yanbian, fyi, is a Chinese prefecture bordering Russia and North Korea which is heavily populated (~40%) by descendents of Korean origin called Chosun-jok.  Enough Koreans have lived there for long enough to even have evolved their own accent which is faithfully reproduced in the movie.

I would love to learn ballroom dancing but I've had only about 5 ballroom dancing lessons over the past 20 years because I just don't enjoy the way ballroom dancing is taught traditionally: too much focus on steps and not enough on how to weave them together into a dance.

As it is now, it's as bewildering as learning to program in assembly language although I've been known to spin girls confidently (and unfortunately uncontrollably) on the dance floor given enough drinks under the belt.