Kevin Marks at Google

When Kevin and I talked at Wikithon, he told me he was changing job but not where. Then we talked about opportunities Technorati missed and mistakes it made. When he agreed that Google's blog search service was getting really good, I was a bit surprised but now it makes sense in hindsight.
Google's service updates faster, is more reliable, and has less spam and echo. And while it doesn't offer the URL-based search functionality, Google's service meets most users' needs IMHO. Now, with Kevin's help, Google's blog search will just get better which is bad news for David Sifry. But then it's always too early to count David out. He is creative and energetic so I am sure Technorati will make some innoavtive moves soon to get them out of the tight spot.
Anyway, congratz to Kevin and a cheer for David.
It's interesting that this post made Techmeme but not the identicon post which was massively linked, even across language barriers. Maybe Gabe's algorithm catches ranks inner circle chatter but not real memes. Maybe the whole point was to turn top crust murmurs into memes…