Using Flex 2 SDK Flash Debugger

Just some bits of useful info I found while experimenting with sound in Flash9/Flex2/AS3.

To use command-line debugger in Flex 2 SDK to debug flash movie running in a web page, type:

$ ./fdb
(fdb) file http://{domain}:{port}/path/to/page.html
(fdb) run
(fdb) continue  

'run' command will launch the default browser and open a window/tab to display the page but halt the embedded movie until 'continue' command is entered. You'll probably want to setup break points before continuing. Note that 'file' command can point to files as well for debugging Flex 2-based applications.
To use fdb from Eclipse, create an External Tool pointing to fdb.
To dump object content, append a period after the name.
To quit, just type quit.