W4Log: Who, What, When, Where Log

One rule I try to live by is don't bitch about what I can't fix.  I brought up the subject of corruption in Korea because I want to introduce a possible solution called W4Log, a permanent log of what key people (who) has said and done (what) in context of time (when) and place (where).  Such a log will require large number of volunteers to enter information and maintain integrity.

One key aspect of W4Log is genealogical links which can be associated with digital identity.  Net effect of W4Log is: what you do and say now will affect your descendents.  Given that biological propagation is a primary instinct, W4Log raises the penalty of misbehaving without building extra jails.  In certain aspect, Big Brother is nothing compared to W4Log.  Still it should affects only those who live in the public's eye and their descendents: top 5% of population and should be implementable in countries like Korea.

Even if W4Log is tough to swallow, I believe the general idea of fine-grained group memory is a useful one.  The media and the web plays that role to some degree, but the media's short-sighted focus and the web's chaotic nature and the level of noise brings the net effect far short of what can be achieved with fine-grained group memory.