Sash is Trash

Sash is also slow, bloated, and bewildering.  A simple weblication that should require only a few K of JavaScript and DHTML somehow end up almost a megabyte of download.  Funny thing is that source code (wdx) files are indeed small (a few K) as expected but compressed.  What is the point of using compressed source format when binary ends up being hundred times larger?

Installation of these weblications is even worse.  You have to individually review and grant security rights to them.  Why not just download them into a quaranteened area and then ask when they are actually used for the entire group of weblications?  As it is, they are discouraging people from trying out sample weblications with all the warnings and prompting.  Its like a waiter asking the temperature and ratio of tomato over brocolli in my salad.  Can't IBM afford to have a UI specialist review Sash?

Sash is huge and makes one wonder what is in it.  Even worse is the development environment which seems as big and slow as Visual Studio.  I'll bet most users will gladly trade fancy debuggers in return for ability to directly edit with a simple text editor and test with a web browser.

Put it all together and one ends up feeling that Sash is nothing more than a pile of glittering Trash.  All the neat ideas, potentials, sweats, and dreams that went into it ends up being nothing because of bad amateurish execution.