Sharing Location Information

With advent of moblogging, people will soon be able to associate notes, images, and audio with specific locations.  One key problem is the difficulty of assigning attributes to those ad-hoc location-bound data.  If I am at location (x,y,z), I can associate (type=restaurant, name="Isobune Sushi") to the location, but unless that information is shared by others, its ends up being just a note to myself.

What should happen is whenever someone adds information to the location (i.e. taking a picture), shared location attributes bound to the location should tag-along.  This means that if I take a family picture at a popular Grand Canyon vistapoint, I won't have to fumble with phonepad to annotate it because the common location name "Grand Canyon" will already be there.

UI for browsing and navigating location bound information space will be a challenge though.  One needs to be able to 'browse' to nearest restroom information with just a few button clicks.