Working at home

Mark Pilgrim is finding home office unbearable.  I know how bad working at home all the time can be.  One minute you think you have it all, commuting to work just a matter of walking from your bedroom to the office downstairs.  Next minute, you feel like a squirrel running inside a turning wheel.  Still, you can't beat the hours.  Your nights and weekends aren't gone.  They are just uprooted so you can have them any time you want.  As to avoiding unnecessary intrusions, interruptions, and 'on call 24×7' paranoia, you just have to draw the line thick enough for people to notice.  As for me, my clients don't usually call me unless its an emergency because they don't know when I am going to be awake.  Even I don't know when I'll be awake.  Well, I know I am awake now.  <g>