Smart webskin for cellphones

Many have written about how cellphones might be used as a universal remote, controlling not only everything inside the house, but outside as well.  This morning I woke up from a dream in which I was actually using my cellphone as a universal remote, changing traffic lights and such.  I had similar dreams before as results of impatient creativity, but this time there was a difference.

I was in France and sitting inside my car in front of a restaurant (hey, its a dream).  When I pointed my cellphone at the restaurant, I was given a menu (I think it was in Flash).  What surprised me was that it was in English and prices were in dollars.  I then woke up and tried to make sense of the dream.

It must have been that when a menu in French was received on my cellphone, the menu was forward to a specialized translation service that returned a menu in English with prices converted to dollars.  Hey, its a smart webskin of sort.  Smart webskins filters and modifies the user's view of the web as well as offering missing features such as search and sortable tables.