Blog Comments, Images, and Audio

I started with an intention to explore ways to lazily increase connections in BlogLand, using randomness as primary means.  Steve Wilhelm (at Reuters?) suggested trackback ticker and random faces appearing in blog search engines.

His suggestions lead me to weird combinations of the concept like Face Tickers (similar to Joi Ito's Random Faceroll except it really [sc]rolls 😉 and Blog Faces (similar to blog comments except a reader is associating a face with a blog post) which lead me to thinking about multimedia comments.

When I read a blog post that I like, I don't always have something to say.  Still, I might like to leave something.  What if I was to leave a small photo of myself that shows up either at the bottom of the blog post or where comments are displayed?  People will see at a glance that so-and-so read the post.  If I did make a textual comment, the image can link to the comment.  Otherwise, the image can link to my own blog.

This feature can be added to news aggregators or to browsers using a browser extension.  Just click a button and a visual representation of your opinion gets added to the article (as a comment for now).  At the same time, link the article could be added to your daily recommended article list published at your own blog.

Although I got sidetracked, I thought this was an interesting enough idea to share.  At least, I think Marc might like it since this idea is in the neighborhood of his visual endorsement stamp idea.  Of course, you can already do this now by inserting HTML into the comment.  But HTML support is not ubiquitously available and those comments usually appear in one-off area like second-class data.