Wes Felter on Funky RSS

Finally, someone who echoes the point I was making with my Funkyness Illustrated and Watch Your Six posts:

"I didn't want to dirty my hands with the RSS/Echo controversy (since I don't use an aggregator and I don't have any control over my RSS feed), but eventually my curiosity overcame me. I tracked the RSS funk to its source and I have to wonder what these people were thinking. Extensions are great, but it's a well-known principle that extensions are for adding new features, not replacing features that already exist in the base spec. If you think RSS has bugs, you can't make them go away by adding more." – Wes Felter in Hack the Planet


p dir=”ltr”>I don't really care who originally made the booboo, who forgot to complain timely, nor listen to embarrassing apologies.  I am bad with names anyway.  But I do care when the booboo starts copulating and evolving in my living room.  Now let's just fix this damn problem (it is braindead simple to fix technically) and move on to something new to pour our hearts out over.  This Selfish Pig is getting bored.