See page for RDF Seepage

Today, IE reported that my main blog page had script errors so I looked at the HTML and found that RDF fragments were causing the problem.  What the hell is RDF doing in my blog web page?  Each blog post item had this RDF fragment preceding it.

<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""
 dc:title="Tim Oren on Subsidized Wi-Fi Business"
 dc:creator="Don Park"
 dc:description="Tim Oren adds a VC perspective to my Subsidized Wi-Fi AP
idea.&amp;nbsp; He wrote: [...] the average usage per Starbucks site is
three sessions per day."
 dc:date="2003-08-28T17:18:24-07:00" />


p dir=”ltr”>Unless I am mistaken, RDF fragments are being inserted automatically by Radio Trackback script.  Yikes.