Trial by Combat

I like reading historical novels set in the medieval Europe.  In those novels, trial by combat is a common event.  As barbaric as the dueling for truth might seem, I believe that online world is rife with trial by combat.

Regardless of communication medium and topic of dicussion, the truth belongs to the strongest and most persistent debater.  It doesn't matter if the opponent is terrible at debating (swordsmanship), not fluent with the language (weapon of choice), indisposed to confrontations, too busy, or simply dumb.

Is what I wrote above the truth?  Nay.  It's just me swinging my sword.  You may charge in and comment your sword against mine but what is the point?  If I fail to block your counter-attack, that only proves that I couldn't, not that nobody can.  See what I am getting at?

The difference between the medieval Europe and online world is that combat never really ends online.  After the original debaters have moved on, others step in and keep the arguments going.  Language and cultural boundaries also matter like the way weather and landscape might affect the outcome of a battle.

So truth online is defined by not only who, but also when and where.

This is just a passing shower of morose mood.  I am expecting sunshine tommorrow.