Blogging to Wiki

Many people have responded heartily to my Linking Blogs and Wiki post, most interesting one being Sébastien Paquet's Mountains and Lakes post which points to TopicExchange created by Seb and Phil.  All the responses begs the following question:

Where is the standard API for Wiki?

Without a standard API, it's difficult to connect blogs and wikis together.  It's a pretty silly question actually.  Wiki doesn't even have a standard format!  What do I have to say about the current state of Wiki technology?  Just this:

Wiki is f**ked up.

Stop running around like Gully Dwarves and get your act together guys.

Update #1

I found Wikipedia API in Python project at SourceForge.  It's still in planning stage, but I am happy to see some movement in Wiki API space.

Michael Wilson thinks Wiki doesn't need a standard API.  He wrote:

"Leave wikis alone for gods sake.  Standardization fetshism doesn't really help much."

Nobody is forcing you to change, Michael.  Also, I haven't mentioned anything about standard organizations.  Just get few key players together and bang out a common syntax and API that works.  The common syntax doesn't have to be used directly by 'puncs' who are already used to their own local brew.  Just use it as an exchange format.