Bleeding Edge of Wiki-Blog Hybrids

Janne, author of JSPWiki, reveals what is going on at the bleeding edge of Wiki-Blog hybrid technology.

"First, a short explanation on the tech behind this weblog: This is an instance of JSPWiki, where each entry is a separate WikiPage?. The Main page aggregates then all of the pages which have a certain signature in their name onto the front page, producing the weblog you see right now. This allows cool stuff like doing collection pages, such as Ropecon2003, or EGC2003, where I just insert a string like [{WeblogPlugin startDate='310103' days='31'}] to get all of the entries from January 2003, for example." – Butt Ugly

In essence, JSPWiki is a Wiki with the ability to pull together a blog-like page out of Wiki pages.  Throw in page template to add style and other blogging essentials like calendar and blogroll, you got a blog.  Neato.

Janne also talks about his XML-RPC-based API for JSPWiki.  JSPWiki also supports MetaWeblogAPI.  Les Orchard, Mr. 0xDECAFBAD, has implemented the API for TWiki, UseModWiki, and MoinMoin.  Les is considering REST version currently.

On the syntax front, Janne mentioned the WikiML initiative by Eric van der Vlist, an old pal from my XML/SML days.  There is also WikiXmlDtd effort by UseMod folks.  Wiki Interchange Format page is also worth a read.


p dir=”ltr”>Based on my recent scouring of the Wiki technologies, JSPWiki (Java/LGPL) and TWiki (Perl/GPL) are worth keeping an eye on, JSPWiki on the wiki/blog/api front and TWiki on the extension front.  There is also SocialText, of course, but I don't know what differentiates their commercial Wiki implementation from popular free open source Wiki implementations other than service.  Perhaps Ross or Peter can explain.