Getting Better

ServInt came back up and behaving much better than before.  I sure hope they solved the problem permanently.  Anyway, it was stable enough for me to go ahead and setup five accounts on them.  I had enough of playing admin for the day so created an amusing Under Construction page and closed shop for the day.

I am not looking forward to setting up Tomcat though.  Last version of Tomcat I used was a unstable, slow, and a resource leech.  cPanel has an installation package for Tomcat but there are some conflicting advices about whether to use it or not.  Maybe I'll just go for the latest Tomcat 5 beta after checking for stability issues on Tomcat mailing lists.  It's supposed to be much faster than Tomcat 4.  I did review Tomcat 4 JSP engine and it was pretty sloppy with resources, allocating objects left and right for trivial stuff.  Meanwhile, two domains in transit are still in transit.  Domain registars seems to be pretty slow at letting domain names go.

I did find some good dedicated server deals at ServerMatrix.  $79/month for a dedicated server is yummy even if its a 1.4 GHz Celeron box.  40G of storage is not that exciting but 750GB per month bandwidth sure is.  I like the SuperServer package more but the 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 it comes with is not the version with HyperThreading so I think I wait until that becomes available.  At $150 per box, I can setup two web servers, two application servers, and two database servers for $900/month.  Woohoo!

Update #1:

It turns out the cPanel Tomcat package is unsupported and hasn't been updated for a year.  There are also some confusion of mod_perl support also.  mod_perl is listed as being loaded but it didn't work.  So I tried installing it via RPM and got errors like Apache is not installed.  Huh?  When I went over to Update Apache section of cPanel to update Apache with mod_perl, there was this short note next to mod_perl checkbox:

not required to run .cgi scripts/not compatible with php

First part is pretty funny.  I'll bet some sales person put that up.  So I have to disable PHP to use mod_perl?  Pecking around various webhosting forums and cPanel forums, I found even more confusing messages.  It seems cPanel itself and mod_perl don't get along two well.  What kind of crazyness is that?  There were other weird problems too.  Perl is installed but PPM was not.  To install a Perl module, I have to use cPanel to do it.

cPanel is looking more and more like Kathy Bates in Misery.