Busy Saturday

Yesterday, I went to bed at 6AM and woke up at 9:30AM to hike with my family at Huddart Park alongside my son's boy scout group.  It was supposed to be an hour hike but we ended up hiking for 3 hours.  Everyone got dog tired from crawling all over the mountain and then getting lost.  I wasn't physically prepared to climb mountains with my flatfoot so when we got back, I ended up with a really nasty muscle cramp that just wouldn't go away until my wife gave me a massage.  My kind of enjoyable hikes are strolling in Zen gardens, not climbing mountains and being smothered in million acres of trees in zombie mode.

After taking a short nap to recover, our dinner guests arrived and it was party time til 10PM.  Waking up to an avalanche of muscle aches and a bad hangover this morning brought back memories of Lake Tahoe ski trips from my younger days.  Ouch.