Roller Weblogger

I played with Roller Weblogger yesterday.  Urgh.  It seems to be using jars from every open source Java projects out there.  WEB-INF/lib contains 50 jars, many of them betas or release candidate versions.  What is the chance of all 50 of them being free of memory leaks?  It also creates a pool of background threads and is memory hungry.  Adding Roller webapp to Tomcat increases memory consumption by 30 meg even before the first request is made.

This is ridiculous considering that JSPWiki adds only 1 meg to total Tomcat footprint which takes up 22 meg with default set of webapps.  SnipSnap which comes with Jetty web server embedded uses only 14 meg total.  Roller Weblogger will become a hallmark example of how not to write a Java web application unless the Roller team isolate non-essential features and options into add-on packages and refactor the remainder.