Watching, Listening, Learning

I have been thinking about how education could be improved with technology.  Actually, I came up with an idea first and spent most of the time trying to justify the idea.  Does the order matter?  Of course, there is more self-hypnosis going on in one direction than the other.

For one thing, I believe too much emphasis is being placed on reading and writing.  A baby does not learn by reading and speaking comes before writing.  Reading is like eating which requires one to digest and integrate what one eats into.  Reading is tedious and forced reading is torturous.  Don't bother thinking too much about these bits.  They are mere justifications.

The idea, which I am amusing myself coming up with justifications for, is learning-by-experience, helping kids learn by letting them just watch and listen.  Instead of explaining how to count 1 to 10 or the multiplication table, just let them watch numbers being counted or multiplied, leaving them to discover the rules by themselves.

Learning-by-experience doesn't require technology, but technology can accelerate the rate of learning by increasing the amount of experience a child consumes.  As to the downsides, the idea turns kids into young couch potatos.  Also, some experiences will not learned but burned into the person's memory, a brainwashing of sort.

Anyway, it was a fun 10 minute break.