Learning English Virtually

Learning English is a big deal outside America.  For Koreans, whether or not you speak English affects your career.  English is taught in school but learning English in America is considered to be essential to properly learn English.  So kids of all ages are sent to America.

So I started thinking about a cheap solution.  I thought about a variation of a Rent-A-Sub idea I had long time ago that lets anyone connected to Internet control a little remotely controlled submarine.  You get a little mobile robot with video camera and speakers that a lets Internet users control.  Imagine little robots running around town trying to engage in conversation with townfolks.  There will be lots of problems, but lots of fun also.

More realistic solution is to build a virtual world designed for non-English speakers to learn English by having real world conversations.  Wanna experience MacDonald?  Drive there and order a burger.  NPCs are part-timers who are asked to type-in what they are saying to help students understand what you are mumbling.  Wanna learn what to say in a car accident?  Smash your car into another car and get into a screaming match in English.  Quickest way to learn foul language?  Go hang out at the 'Hood where tough NPCs will rough you up so you can learn English.

For this kind of service, $200 a month subscription is not expensive considering how much other options for English students cost.