FlexWiki and nGallery

I have been busy with work last few days, but now I got some time to tinker some more.  Beside dasBlog, which is driving this blog, I am playing with FlexWiki and nGallery.  End result will likely be sum of all three along with some of the ideas I have been playing with.  For example, self-organizing wiki pages and entries is interesting.  The ideas are: if anyone can change a wiki, why not the wiki itself?  People make mistakes when they use a wiki, so why can the wiki be as sloppy?

Wiki can be programmed to place higher value on newer entries over older ones and use this information to change size or color of the font used to render the entry, change its position within a page, or inject links into other relevant pages.  Likewise, popular pages and entries should be placed or rendered more prominently because not all information are equal in value.

In a way, it's like mixing wiki with the game of Life.  Information struggling to survive.  Hmm.  I like that.