Stressing ASP.NET

I ran Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool on this blog which uses a variation of dasBlog, an ASP.NET wepapp, running on 2GHz P4 with 1G of memory and the initial result isn't too bad even though ASP.NET caching is off.  Throughput was about 90 pageviews per minute (17 hits/s at 200K/s) over an hour with only a handful of connection failures.  It's not mindblowing performance, but it doesn't stink either considering my server is a low-end box that cost about $800 to put together.

Going through my logs using Urchin, I see that about 7000 pageviews per day were served on the average for the first 12 days of January.  So this blog is using about 5% of the server's capacity.  January is a slow month so I think 7%-10% seems like more reasonable.  Hmm.