Dinner with Android

Here is a conversation from the near future:

Bob: I am reading Don Park's Visual Thinking now.  It's really good.

Joe: Is that Park with an 's'?

Bob: No, just Park.  Here. [Bob beams Joe Amazon URL]

Joe: Hmm.  Reviews look good.  OK, I ordered it.

Bob: …

Joe: …

On the surface, there seems to be nothing wrong.  But notice the type of question being asked.  With information at your fingertip, the need to ask for information from another person diminishes.  So instead of asking about the book, Joe is asking about query terms.  He could have also said “Could You?“ and Bob would have interpreted it as request to beam URL or search words.

I don't know about you, but it seems like technology is eating away at the meat of everyday social life, leaving just the bare bones.

In respect to blogging, I wonder how blogging affects a person's life.  More opinionated?  Less inquisitive about other people's opinions because they are already exposed to a wide range of opinions online?  Nice chewy topic I think.