How to Capitalize on Blogging

I'll be attending How to Capitalize on Blogging, a Fastlane Ventures Workshop, this Thursday.  I am not lacking knowledge nor ideas on the subject but I need to see where others are and what they are thinking about.


The workshop was in a less than ideal setting, had equipment problems, and was slow going in the morning, but it eventually lead to some interesting discussions on advertising and branded news aggregators.  It was also refreshing to see people go from ground level questions like 'what is a blog?' to 'how can I use RSS to integrate information spanning applications and companies?' in a few hours.

Adam Kalsey, Judith Meskill, and Bill French were excellent speakers too.  Bill, in particular, showed me how to turn a generic technology tutorial into a product presentation in an enjoyable and seamless way.  If he could write, he could be dangerous.