RSA Conference 2004

I am going to be loitering at the RSA Conference today (Wednesday) so flag me down if you see me in the exhibits area.  Assuming, of course, they won't force me to fill it out the same registration form as the one online.  I won't put up with nosy forms.


Just got back.  I was there from 3PM to 5PM, checking out the exhibits.  How was it?  Well, spending $50 for 2 hours of boredom is not exactly my idea of good spending, but I got some walking out of the deal.  Flat foot and conferences don't mix too well I am afraid.

USB secure token vendors were out in force along side identity management and intellectual property protection.  I think USB-based secure tokens will breakout into mainstream in the near future because they doesn't require a reader.  All you need is a USB slot which is commonly available.  Smartcards?  Smartcards are dead.  Actually, they never lived at all.