If a god appeared and said sacrificing one million Iraqis at his altar will turn Iraq into a peaceful democratic nation overnight, would you be willing?  How about hundred thousand?  Ten thousand?

I've been revisting my positions on the price we are willing to pay for whatever it is we are doing over at Iraq and I am finding our notion of acceptable to be rather disturbing.  How is civilian casualties expected in wars different from ritualistic sacrifices?

How about genocide?  Is there anything that we value so much that we would be willing to commit genocide?  Democracy?  Freedom?  National Security?  Oil?

Is it the bloodshed and sufferings that makes us squirmish?  What if there was a button that could instantly send all followers of Islam to some other place without killing them?  Would you press the button?  What if the buttoned worked the other way by leaving earth to the Islams and sent rest of the planet elsewhere?

If I am told that every single keystorke I made in my life destroyed a planet in some remote galaxy, am I supposed to be horrified?  What if I am the last man on earth?  Is compassion still useful?

More I examine the substance of morals, more it unravels until there is nothing left to hold.