Belated Apology

Dave wrote:

What really gets to me is how people who say they're my friend, stand by, and say nothing.

Oops.  Sorry, Dave.  When read about your shutting down of, I thought it didn't seem like something you would do without a good reason.  So I went and listened to your MP3 chat.  You did have a good reason which was that you tried to do the good thing but things got complicated and there weren't many options to choose from.  While it's easy to think there must have been better alternatives, it's just not the same as being the man on the spot.

Why didn't I say anything when the hounds were at your heels?  I thought you would just take it all in stride.  After all, you must have expected the hounds would come after you.  Would the hounds listen to opinions contrary to their smell of blood?  I didn't think so.  I thought they would just look foolish afterward since they chose to misinterpret what you said and misunderstand your motives.

Inside me is a scared kid as well but I have been all right ever since I accepted death as a side door with a glowing Exit sign over it instead of a gate to hell and eternal pain.  My apology is for not seeing that you might think differently and that you might misinterpret silence as a sign of abandonment.  I will speak up next time.