Korean Online Game Market

Nice article at News.com on Korean online game market and how it's trying to expand into other countries.  This quote notes interesting differences between Korean and American culture:

Webzen's Kim said Asian game players, for example, like to beat each other up and try to kill each other's characters. But American players prefer the quest aspect of its games, so the company will amend its U.S. versions accordingly.

Sounds about right.  It's no wonder Lineage, a megahit in Korea, has unusually elaborate support for player-to-player wars.  Checkout Lineage 2 demo videos and you see amazing battle scenes not unlike the Lord of the Ring battles scenes.  Only differences is that it's players fighting players in large numbers.  Maybe the ever present DMZ makes young Koreans thirsty for battles.

Last Thursday, I got Freedom Fighters for PS2.  It's top rated and have been out for a while but I waited until the price dropped to more sane level.  More I get older, more budget conscious I seem to be getting.  I like to think I am setting a good example for my son.  I won't let him play this game though because it's too violent.  Heh.