Reclaiming Comments

While most of the comments I write elsewhere are throwaways, some of them are precious enough for me to feel as if I abandoned a small part of me.  The comment I made in response to a final goodbye, Jeneane Sessum's post about death of her sister's dog, was one of those.

My own experience with my dog wasn't that pleasant. I knew the time to put her to sleep was coming because she was in pain more frequently. One night, we woke up to her howling in pain. As much as I wanted to keep her with me just a little longer, I thought she deserved better.

So my wife and I took her to a 24 hour vet on Middlefield. The doctor gave her a tranquilizer first and, while she seemed to feel less pain, the sight of her tongue seemingly woozing out of her mouth scarred my memory of her forever. On the way back, I was too shaken to drive. When we got back, I sat next to her bed to inhale memories of her still lingering about. So sad.

Now she sits atop my desk in a small pine box with a little metal statue of her. I regret not getting some of her hairs though because I miss her smell. I guess I have a dog's nose or something.

Damn. I am full of tears again.

It's rightful place is here at my blog.