Philippine Bows to Terrorists

First Spain and now Philippine.  Are they out of their minds?  At least South Korea managed to hold steady despite all the noise from the selfish peace and justice loving liberals.  They are selfish because they are ruining the country to satisfy their emotional and ideological needs.

I believe that the war against Iraq was unjustified but it's insane to give in to terrorists' demands regardless of circumstances.  Even if Philippine was going to pull out troops anyway, it should have waited to avoid appearing as if they were pulling out because of the terrorist's demands.

As to saving the lives of kidnap victims, I wonder what the Philippine government would have done if the terrorism and kidnapping took place within Philippine?  Give in?  Rewarding terrorists will only encourage more terrorism.  What will they do when terrorists start popping up everyewhere because terrorism offers better result than demonstrations?  What?  Tell them to stand in a line so you can service them properly?

Is a civilian's life more sacred than a solder's life?  Bullshit.  On war against terrorism, everyone is on the frontline.  I am on the frontline of war against terrorism alongside my 10 year old son, my wife, my parents, my friends, and collegues.  We are fighting in our homes, neighborhoods, freeways, shopping malls, restaurants.  And the war is on 24 hours a day every day.  Terrorism can step in anywhere and any time if they think they can scare people into giving them what they want.

Giving in to terrorist demands, even if it's just for an ice cream cone or a few dollars, amounts to feeding a beast that can breed like rats.  Giving in to demands of terrorists far away amounts to thinking that one can run away from terrorism.  What a silly idea.  It's as silly as trying to build a wall around Middle East or banning Islamic religion.