Spring Framework

While I was playing around with MyEclipse 3.8.1 (quickly delivered butt saving release to make up for the silly 3.8.0 version), I got sidetracked into JavaServer Faces (definitely useful but seems to have the same disagreeable feel to it as Struts) and then fell into Spring Framework.  Hmm.  I liked what I read in this introductory article about the framework.

While I am not too hot on IoC (Inversion of Control), I like the way Spring guys implemented IoC.  Most of all, I like the way Spring makes components easier to test by reducing dependency and enhancing configurability.  Apparently, there is an effort to ease integration between Spring and JSF which I'll have to take a look at real soon.


There is a seemingly very nice Eclipse plugin for Spring Framework you should take a look at if you use Eclipse and are interested in giving Spring a try.