Phishing behind Google

I just received a phishing email purporting to be from PayPal.  No surprise there since I get many of them everyday, but I looked closer at this one because it looked very professionally done.  I looked at the raw message and found this odd link:

This particular phisher is bouncing off Google to hide itself from domain name-based phishing detectors and scanners.  Clever.  Clicking on the link will open a browser to Google's URL search CGI which will automatically redirect the browser to the phishing site at IP address  This trick will bypass phishing detectors that examines only the domain name part of a URL to see if it looks suspicious.

So the lesson here for security developers is to look at all the parameters and to keep track of oh-so-helpful redirectors like Google.  Also, website developers should keep in mind that helpful service is helpful to all, including the bad guys, and they might become an unwitting partner in crime.  For lawyers, it's a new source of income concern.