Linux VMware Blues

If you are running a Linux guest under VMware like me and my blog's hyperlinks are green instead of blue, turn on subpixel font rendering to get the blues.

FYI, I am running RedHat 9 under VMware running on XP, primarily for development and testing.  For example, I needed to write a milter so I initially wrote a C++ version using Eclipse running under RH9 VMware guest.  The milter was talking to sendmail server running inside the same virtual machine.  Eclipse CDT running inside the VM was rather difficult to work with so rewrote the milter in pure Java using Eclipse running on XP.

To debug, I configured the sendmail server running inside the VM to invoke the pure Java milter running under Eclipse debugger outside the VM.  Then I sent both plain text and multipart MIME messages using Evolution, running inside the VM, as well as Outlook, running on another machine, to the sendmail server inside the VM which in turn invoked the milter running outside the VM.

While all this might be confusing to some, it worked amazingly well.