Backside of the GUI

We can't see the backside of the Moon, only photos.  Likewise, we never see the backside of GUI objects.  Not only do we not see it, we don't expect it to be there like we do with the Moon.

As a kid, I had a moment of enlightenment of sort when I saw my father open up a gadget (I forget what) with a screwdriver.  From that point on, I had the urge to open things up to see what's inside.  Usually screws that hold gadgets together were in the back or on the side.  So the bit of knowledge I added to my model of the world then was that the front of a gadget was for controls and the back was for opening it up.

That bit of knowledge didn't apply to GUI objects.  To open up a gadget onscreen, you have to browse the menus to find the settings or preference command because there is no backside to GUI objects.

Backside is a lost word in the language of GUI design.

Now we can google, but we still can't flip or turn.