ChatToon: a chat game

After reading Wired's Instant Messaging Goes Graphical article this morning, I came up ChatToon.

ChatToon is a graphical game for IM, SMS, IRC, and MUD users on platforms with graphics capability.  The idea is to either cooperatively or competitively fill in cartoon dialogue bubbles of a typical morning cartoon provided by the chat hosting service or uploaded/pulled by one of the users.

Cartoonists can make their one to four cell cartoons available and are compensated with per-usage fee and publishing fee.  Publishing fee is charged when people want to share the end product of their ChatToon game with friends and family or post it to their blog.  If it's good enough to be distributed widely, then the cartoonist and the ChatTooners share the generated royalty.

I am not going to pursue ChatToon because I am busy with other ideas and because ChatToon has many sticky issues which I don't have time nor interest to resolve.  Still, I thought the idea was interesting enough to post about.